Thursday, September 29, 2011

Connecting Montana and the World

Through Global Education & Exchanges”

Extends AFFLIATE STATUS to recognize

Citizen diplomacy is the concept that, in a vibrant democracy, the individual citizen has the right - even the responsibility to help shape U.S. foreign relations.

MONTANA CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL VISITORS (MCIV) staff arrange meetings between international visitors and their professional counterparts to discuss common interests and to share ideals. These appointments often lead to continued contact overseas with mutual benefits. Through participation in person-to-person exchanges, Montanans across the state open their homes, offices, schools, and businesses to colleagues from abroad adding a welcomed touch of Montana hospitality to guest's experience.

MCIV has their headquarters in Bozeman, Montana. The annual MCIV President’s Dinner was held Sunday, September 18th, 2011. Among the selected community members recognized for their participation included:

MONTANA BUNKHOUSES’ for contributions to Citizen Diplomacy in Montana:
· Karen Searle was a speaker at the 2010 NCIV Regional Conference, “Working Ranch Vacations & the Emerging Geotourism Trend”
· Azerbaijan delegates met with Karen Searle to consider Montana Bunkhouses’ cooperative agri-tourism model and considered its application in their home country.
· Tibetan delegates were hosted by Karen Searle and the Barron Ranch. Delegates enjoyed ranch hospitality and an introduction to sheep and cattle ranching in Montana. The visitors found common ground in the lambing shed, checking for newborn calves, and enjoyed the camaraderie of shared meals.
· “Agri-tourism & Biodiversity Conservation” was the theme for the multi-regional project that featured Karen Searle as a speaker. The group included delegates from Brazil, Croatia, France, Ghana, Grenada, Israel, Philippines, Zambia
· This fall Montana Bunkhouses and the Padlock Ranch will host French delegates with emphasis on beef cattle management, specifically genetics and nutrition.
Montana Center for International Visitors (MCIV) is an affiliate of the National Council for International Visitors (NCIV) based in Washington DC. They are one of 92 U.S. non-profit centers dedicated to promoting global understanding through citizen diplomacy. One of the ways they try to foster global understanding is by facilitating the International Visitor Leadership Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. Montana hosts approximately 150 international leaders through this program each year.

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