Friday, August 12, 2011

"Padlock Pat", (Also known as Pat Gleeson, from Australia) was a guest at the Padlock Ranch and he writes:


I have recently returned from a life experience that will stay within me forever. I "rode for the brand" at The Padlock Ranch. If you really want the experience of being on a working ranch, you cannot go past the Padlock. Jesse Ballantyne is Head Wrangler and Cow Boss. He is one very experienced horseman and willingly shares his knowledge.

Together with Jesse’s daughter Hannah, Les Nunn (Guest Relations Manager) and Isaac and Steve Johnson, I was riding with the real deal and witnessed horsepeople working a new horse to get it seasoned, or sharpening up an older horse and giving it a job gathering cattle. The terrain and scenery whilst out riding and moving cow/calf pairs is just spectacular and at times unexpected. Some of those hills are steep, with deep ravines below.

The accommodation at the Wolf Mountain Lodge is 6 star while still giving you a sense that “this is home”. Coupled with the friendly welcome and wonderful home cooked meals by Kristen and Steve Johnson it really does feel so much like being home. Kristen serves up some of the best and most nutritious meals you could ask for, plus her jerky is the best and really hits the spot when out in the saddle for sometimes up to 7 hours.

You can expect to spend plenty of time in the saddle with a good working horse beneath you. Jesse and crew are always happy to provide pointers regarding horsemanship, working and reading cattle and, in down time, you can even sharpen your roping skills.

The Padlock Ranch is in the top 6 largest ranches in the U.S.A and continues a legacy of land stewardship, plus cowboy ethics and principles. If you have ever wondered what it is like to be out cowboying or even wondered if it still really exists, come to the Padlock and experience an amazing world. You will see its not just a job, but a way of being.

As an Aussie who has read about it all in books, and through Western Horseman, to be able to participate and experience a real working ranch was just heaven. I would ride for the Padlock brand any day and I feel privileged to have ridden with some amazing and experienced people. So don’t dream about it anymore, book yourself a week at the Padlock Ranch - you will never regret it.