Sunday, December 24, 2006

Montana Ranch Christmas Message

Written by Scott Wiley of Wiley Ranch.

The sun was just trying, to start up another day
There was a bunch of clouds up there, floating in the way.
Course that’s the way I like it, makes one wonder what to say
The prettiest of the all the colors, put up there on display.

The air had crispness, frost covering up the ground
Time to take care of the animals, start up another round.
The calm was almost deafening, the wind at last was still
I was in no hurry, seems I have time to kill.

All of God’s creatures, the small and mostly the big
Heard what I was doing, as I started up the diesel rig.
Calls were coming from all directions; it’s a good thing to hear
What I found on this day though, was music to my ear.

For once all of God’s creatures, were very fond of me
I even let that coyote go, thought best to let him be.
This is the day we celebrate, a very special birth
The day we should take stock in, our very own wealth and worth.

On this day many years ago, they experienced the coming of the Lord
It now has turned into presents and decorations, things we can’t afford.
The meaning of the sacrifice, and the hardships they endured
They are now all but forgotten, replaced by the advertiser’s word.

As I’m looking out and feeding, some of His amazing creatures
Too many are in their world, watching football double features.
If more people would just be thankful for the simplest of things
More of them would forget about the stuff, that ol’ Santa brings.

From working with the animals, a few things I have learned
To most people nowadays, these thoughts they will be spurned.
More time has been wasted, looking for the perfect present to buy
Time is what matters cause things change, with the blink of an eye.

I know my kids will remember, when I am grey and old
Times I spent doing things with them, not presents made of gold.
The hours I’ve spent working, the money I have earned
Is but a mere pittance, to what the kids have returned.

It’s just too bad that Santa can’t package time, and put it under our tree
That is what I’d wish for, with ribbons and bows just for me.
Cause I know that if there’s a beginning, there has to be an end
And you spend most of your life not knowing, what’s up around the bend.

If people just took the time, to spread a little cheer
Why then we could have Santa come, every day of the year.
Then we wouldn’t be confusing Jesus, with all this material stuff
We could then just celebrate Christmas, without the presents and fluff.

So this is what I ask of you, my advice you don’t have to heed
Go out and give some time this Christmas, to someone that is in need.
Spend some of it on children; their faces will start to glow
Take the time to say Merry Christmas, to someone you don’t know.

Write a letter to a soldier, serving and alone in a foreign land
Call up your good neighbor, and offer a helping hand.
Go visit with an old friend, even if you have little to say
Just giving someone some time makes it a special day.

Don’t forget your parents, and all those many relatives
Time is passing quickly, who knows how long someone lives.
Hold the door open, help the mother with her young
And when you have bitter thoughts, be sure and bite your tongue.

Time is the one thing, gold and millions can never buy
How you spend it is how you’re remembered, when you lay down and die.
A daily dose of being Santa, should be coming from our hearts
Giving time to others, is where the feelings start.

The cows and horses are now all fed; I better get back into the house,
I had better go spend some time, with the kids and the spouse.
Before I go, I’m going to stop and take the time to say
Merry Christmas to you all, have yourselves a wonderful day.

Scott Wiley 2006