Saturday, July 30, 2005

Guest Log of the Taiwanese Film Crew

Guest Log of the Taiwanese Film Crew

From Taiwan they came
Seeking and searching
Wandering and wondering.

Traveling in Montana, Their goal was
To experience the traditions and the hospitality
Of a working ranch vacation.
They came in search of legends and unique experiences.

As it turned out,
It was Liang and Chris and Johnny and Eric and Kobe
who warmed our hearts with their love of life.
Now they are part of the family--
The family of Crazy Mountain Cattle Company.

Their entries in the Bunkhouse guest log were translated
as follows….

I came to shoot a movie and now I find myself wanting to live here. At Crazy Mountain Cattle Company you do not find commercialism, Here you find the force of passion and enthusiasm unlike any you will find elsewhere when crossing the country. And there is scenery like pictures with mountains and more mountains dotted with plenty of cows and calves and cowboys who want to keep the traditional cowboy spirit alive. The cowboy spirit is a treasure from nature and from God.

I say this is the real life—to experience the cowboy way of life made living on this land. You find the spirit here, not because of the scenery but because of the people who want to preserve and protect this way of life. I only hope that everything you have will continue so the next generation can experience this way of life. We have never found anyone who loves the land and horses and cows and dogs more than Karen and Rick and Saundra.

If I ever have the chance to come again to the United States, I will come straight to Montana to Crazy Mountain Cattle Company to do it all again. I want another opportunity to fall in love with a cowboy, with a horse and with Montana.

Thanks Karen, Rick and Saundra for your hospitality, thoughtfulness. You are the most thoughtful people that we have ever interviewed. You took good care of us—cooked us wonderful meals and you shared the true cowboy spirit. Again, I sincerely hope that you are able to keep alive the traditional cowboy way of life.

You have our support forever,
Chris Chen
Director of the Taiwanese TV Program called “King of Adventure.

This cowboy family—they are so crazy.
Crazy under the Crazy Mountains.
It is here that we learn about heritage
and about the cowboy spirit.
Because of this family we understand
and we love this way of life.
Anyone wanting to experience everything
about the cowboy way of life
should come to Crazy Mountain Cattle Company.


God Bless You.

Johnny Chang
Programmer for “King of Adventure”
Taiwanese TV Program

Guest Log Journal Entry:

For gentle people,
We have gentle horses.
For spirited people,
We have spirited horses,
And for people who don’t like to ride,
We have horses who don’t like to be ridden!